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What is da Vinci Robotic Surgery?

The da Vinci surgical system is a robotic device that surgeons can use to perform minimally invasive surgery, including complex procedures.

The robot has four interactive arms that can enter a patient's body through small incisions and reach areas typically hard to access. It also has a high-performance camera system so that the surgeon can see the affected areas and their work in great detail. Today, there are more than 1,700 da Vinci devices in hospitals around the world, and more than 775,000 patients have benefited from them.

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Dr. Daniel Gay standing in front of the da Vinci Robotic Surgery machine

What Conditions Are Ideal for da Vinci Robotic Surgery?

It's commonly used for:

It also has regulatory clearance for

  • cardiac surgery
  • colorectal surgery
  • gynecological surgery
  • chest surgery
  • head and neck surgery

What are the Benefits of da Vinci Robotic Surgery for General Surgeons?

  • The da Vinci system provides surgeons with the ability to work through tiny incisions (1-2 cm).
  • Increased precision and dexterity are other key benefits, as is the ability to access spots that might otherwise be impossible to reach. This is partly possible because surgeons have exceptional views of tiny structures using the device's HD camera system.
  • Finally, surgeons can sit down during surgery, reducing fatigue, and strain on their neck, back, and legs.

Benefits for Patients

The da Vinci device offers significant benefits for the surgeon as well as the patient. Benefits for the patient include:

  • Less pain, less blood loss, and less scarring when procedures are performed with the system
  • A quicker return for the patient to their regular activity than if they had undergone a traditional operation.
  • Less risk for infection since the incision is small.
Dr. Steven Williams operating the da Vinci Robotic Surgery machine

How to prepare for da Vinci Robotic Surgery?

You prepare for a da Vinci robotic procedure the same as you would for most other general surgeries:

  • Check your insurance to make sure you're covered
  • Obtain preauthorization if necessary
  • Read your pre and post-op instructions
  • Prepare for any fasting or dietary restrictions before and after your surgery (go to the grocery store if needed)
  • Arrange for a ride to and from your surgery
  • Pack a bag if you are staying overnight
  • Dress comfortably and leave any jewelry at home
  • Bring any medication you'll need
  • Fill out and bring any required documents

What Is Recovery Like After da Vinci Robot Surgery?

Recovery time always depends on the particular condition and procedure, but as mentioned, the da Vinci system can operate through extremely small incisions. So, the recovery time is significantly less than a traditional open surgery that requires much larger incisions at the entry points.

Why Choose Capital Surgical Associates for da Vinci Robot Surgery?

Our two expert general surgeons, Dr. Steven Williams and Dr. Daniel Gay, have performed countless surgeries with the da Vinci Robot. Both are highly experienced with analyzing patient cases to determine if da Vinci robotic surgery is the right option.

Contact Capital Surgical Associates today at (208) 321-4790 if you are suffering from a health problem and believe the da Vinci Surgical System might be a good option. You may also submit an inquiry online for non-urgent matters.

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