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Dr. Jeffrey Hessing, Shoulder Surgery Specialist in Boise, Idaho

Dr. Jeffrey Hessing

Dr. Hessing’s practice concentrates on managing shoulder pain and finding the cause of common shoulder conditions. He has performed countless shoulder procedures including rotator cuff repair, bone spur removal, repair of the labrum, repair of ligaments, and many other reconstructions. If you are experiencing problems with shoulder function or shoulder pain consult an orthopedic shoulder specialist.

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Dr. Hessing | Shoulder Surgery Specialties | Boise

Excellence in Shoulder Orthopedics

Dr. Hessing joined Orthopaedic Associates in 1985. Orthopaedic Associates was the first independent orthopedic office in Idaho and now resides as the co-founder of Capital Surgical Associates.

Dr. Hessing is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. He also holds professional associations with the American Medical Association, Idaho Orthopaedic Society, and Northwest Orthopaedic Society.

An Experienced Shoulder Surgeon

Dr. Hessing completed his medical internship at the University of Oregon in 1981. He completed his Orthopaedic Surgery Residency at Southern Illinois University, located in Springfield, Illinois, in 1985.

Dr. Hessing has served the Boise community by joining numerous committees with St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, including the Utilization Review Committee, Trauma Committee, Orthopaedic Supervisory Committee, and the Medical Executive Committee. Additionally, Dr. Hessing has also acted as a board member for Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital, Saint Alphonsus Physical Therapy Institute, Ada County Paramedics, and St. Alphonsus Orthopaedic Institute.

Dr. Hessing continues to serve as the Medical Director of Treasure Valley Hospital and as President and one of the founding members of the Independent Doctors of Idaho.

Dr. Hessing | Boise Native | Boise

A Boise Native

Jeffrey Hessing is a Boise native, graduating from Boise High School. He obtained his BS degree in Microbiology in 1976 from Brigham Young University. He was a WAMI student at the University of Washington School of Medicine, graduating in 1980. He completed a rotating internship at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center in 1981 and an Orthopedic residency at Southern Illinois University in 1985.

Dr. Hessing then returned to Boise and joined Orthopaedic Associates and later co-found Capital Surgical Associates. ABOS board certified in 1987 and is an AAOS fellow. He is a subspecialty shoulder surgeon and treats only shoulder pain, dysfunction, and injury in his surgical practice.

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